Anaparthi town is situated on the main Railway line in between Rajahmundry and Samalkot in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The land is evergreen with Paddy fields and gardens. This is a centre for Agriculture and recently Agro based Industries like farming, paper, poultry and rice mills are providing employment to a number of skilled and semi skilled people.

However this area was educationally backward. There were no Secondary and Higher Educational Institutions in this area. As a consequence, the children belonging to this area had to go a long way either to Rajahmundry or Kakinada for Secondary and Higher Education. Only rich people could afford Higher Education. Because of poverty, the children of poor parents had to stop with Elementary Education. This situation was worse in case of girls and women. Parents were not willing to send their children to far off places for education, as there were no hostels provided for them exclusively. There were no separate schools for girls. The population of this town is more than 30,000. There is two lakhs population in surrounding fifteen villages in a radius of 10 km from Anaparthi.