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B Ratna Reddy M.A
GBR Degree College
(PG Courses),
Anaparthi - 533 342
E G Dt - AP - India

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Office : +91 8857 227044
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FAX : +91 8857 228897
Welcome by PG Director

Hearty and Warm Welcome to a serene and sylvan setting and lush green place of GBR Campus located in Rural place, the environment is conducive to the learning processes. We encourage co-operation, teamwork and competitive spirit.

GBR Degree College (PG Courses) is a respected class room study career College, offering practical, professional-level career courses to students. When we opened our doors in 1993 in Anaparthi as GBR Degree College (PG Courses), our interest quickly grew around the globe, and we gradually expanded our course offerings. Today, one can choose from our career-training programs. In our College, one can complete Post Graduation with Conceptual Methods to brighten his / her future. Hundreds of students, from around the India, have enrolled in our study programs.

Our faculty are taking a lot of steps to provide expanded employment opportunities to our students through in and off-campus requirement.

Our students are occupying high positions in various prestigious organizations in India and abroad.

            Our Aim is to make the Insitution as an island of excellence

Learning in New Way

GBR Degree College (PG Courses) leading edge teaching methods with the latest online technologies and multimedia tools for an engaging and highly stimulating learning experience. GBR PG courses are grounded in problem-based learning, teaching students powerful business concepts by drawing on real business problems and situations to simulate on-the-job challenges. For example, in Principles of Marketing, students write a marketing plan; in Corporate Finance, they analyze returns on prospective investments; and in Strategy, students formulate a strategic path for a company.

But, you may ask, why GBR Degree College (PG Courses)? What makes GBR Degree College (PG Courses) so special?

We can answer that now:

  • Our instruction is so personal, it's as if you're in a "classroom of one"
  • We've enrolled a lot of students from all around India.
  • Our experienced, professional faculty boasts excellent teaching credentials and extensive, practical experience in their fields.
  • We regularly update our course materials to reflect new technical advances and research.
  • Pleasant Physical Environment.
  • Continous Interaction wiht Industry.
  • Excellent infrastructure facilities..
  • Any one can expect response very quickly from us.
  • Provides Top class and high quality education provided.
  • Incentives to excel in academic and extra curricular activities..

B Ratna Reddy
GBR Degree College (PG Courses)

GBR Institutions, Anaparthi - 533342 , E.G.District (A.P)   ISD 91 STD : 08857 Phone: 227407, 227507,227044. Fax - 228897
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